MODEL 3 /// Double Black Metal License Plate Frame - Midnight Series

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For those who demand the sexiest plate alive and dont care about contrast and people knowing you have a Model 3. This plate is harder to see.. well of course - because we specifically designed it to be DOUBLE black.. It’s for those who only want BLACK and believe that its the cleanest color.  Please do not buy this plate if you dont have chrome delete.. just do not do it... I will check!

THIS WILL SELL OUT... Limited run. 

This is our Matte Black Plate Metal Frame with GLOSS Black MODEL /// Logo printed, no stickers here. We spend time and make perfect plates.. no compromises. If you want a cheap Tesla frame.. well look somewhere else. All plates here are tested by True Tesla fans on Tesla motor club.

Once sold out, there is a 1-month wait.. so don't wait as they will be gone. This is not a TESLA product, 100% aftermarket and custom. All trademarks are owned by respective companies. 

  • * 100% Feedback Seller with one year warranty.
  • * FREE Shipping from Cali within 48 hours, PRIME without the cost. 
  • * FREE Installation Kit (Screw Caps).

Without all the flair we believe our custom products speak for themselves. We don't need to be a viral brand that is here today and gone tomorrow. We focus on what makes a Company last - 3 BORING promises - Design, Quality, and Customer service.

Design - We are inspired by Franz Tesla's chief designer who believes in a design language that focuses on modern, simple and clean. We try to make products that meet this design focus. We love design, so if you have an idea, we are all ears. Remember we customized products too.

Quality - We selected higher quality plates from a Local California plate supplier as they were much heavier than the plates we saw on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba sellers. We wanted qualitya. We tried over 20 different plates before selecting this Aluminum. Other sellers are selling plates with stickers, this is laser etched and won’t wash off whereas other sellers are putting stickers that peel or getting them China. We like taking our time and doing the slow task of just watching the laser make each unit. We love BORING.

Service Guarantee - If you are unhappy in the first year, please email or contact us and we will make it right. No need for any other conditions or fine print. That's how much we believe in our Frames.