Hansshow Tesla Model 3 FRUNK Handsfree Power Liftgate Auto Frunk Open Motorized and Soft Close. (Hood) New 2018-2020. Version 4

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Handsfull and want to use the cool Frunk like it was designed to?

Tesla got too cheap to put an auto close / open for the FRUNK. We found this great product form Hansshow Tech and started a large group buy to get forum members the best prices. Auto Front hood / Frunk Liftgate Kit Group Buy :)

*** This is for the FRUNK only. Option to Add Foot sensor for Extra Cost Below. How - we leverage a big group of buyers and order using our wholesale accounts. This is essentially what we do in the forums but I wanted a more simple approach. The items are drop-shipped by the manufacturer, Hautopart from CHINA.

On their site it’s listed as $550. This is the same kit used by i1tesla and being compared to Teslaoffer.

Delivery is taking 7-10 days and warranty is 2 years. Make an offer =) So we bought 3 kits and this one worked the best. We secured a great discount for our Tesla Showroom Deal buyers and now sharing with everyone else. This electric liftgate system automatically opens and closes your Front Hood / Frunk by simply pressing: 1. the trunk button , 2. Tesla App / Key fob and 3. Main console screen! We were not happy with what was currently on the market as the other brand connected to your Tesla main computer which we felt was a big liability as we read on the forums that trunks were no operating after Tesla pushed out an update. We found a company Hannshow Inc. that supplies kits for Oem manufacturers that has a much simpler design.

  • 2 year warranty direct from Manufacturer
  • The system can close the Frunk via the main console screen, no need for additional installation of a 2nd button like other inferior products