TESLA Model 3 S X - Gloss Black Metal License Plate Frame

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This is our Satin Gloss Black Plate Metal Frame with Silver Tesla Logo. Very clean and minimal, a perfect accessory to make your Tesla Stand out!

We picked this color to go with those who want a slight sheen yet still like Black. This is our 2nd most popular plate with those who like gloss black. California Designed and shipped!

Wow the response from the plates has truly humbled us :) We are now ramping up our production to keep up with the demand, thanks to all the Tesla family for letting us be part of your dream car. Buy the Best - Other sellers are selling plates with stickers, this is laser etched and won’t wash off. Each item is handmade. Each product is tested, shipped, and designed in California.

These plates gives you the aggressive Dark look you want. If you have a Black California plate you need this now :) No one likes Chrome because it’s soo 90s lol. This makes a perfect gift and Tesla charges $40 for a metal chrome plate. We got annoyed that Tesla doesn’t sell a black metal plate so we made custom ones for ourselves. While parked at Superchargers we constantly got asked where to get one so we are offering them here on Etsy.

About us - Our company is called “The Boring Mod” we are inspired by FranZ the Tesla designer as we come up with products that we will use on our own Tesla’s. We are very particular with design and only want the best on our cars.